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Monkey. 1995-1997(?)

Vocals: Josh Smith.
Guitar: Neil Person
Guitar: Richard Leiser
Bass: Jimmy
Drums: Dave Morris
Saxaphone: Graham

(Not sure I atually ever knew Jimmy and Grahams surname.)

Around 1994-5 I met Josh and started playing stuff with Matt Gray.
With Josh's proper loud people skills got the rest of us together.
Neil and I become the UB40 smoking buddy, guitar hero duo, got this great minor 7th rock funk harmony grove.
Neil and Graham were mainly involved with the recording of this homemade demo, and for the resources used (8 track and 3 mics) did a brilliant job. A special mention for the Abbey Road front lounge, where most of the recording took place, but also the band developing, practacing, smokin, beery, gaming, love shack that it was.. 
Great quote from Joshs' lyrics (back on the road):

I'm a man of experience, have been all my life.
Wise to both sexes, on occasion at the same time.

You just can't write this stuff !!!

Just 2 tracks:

Breakin' Down.
Back on the Road.  Monkeys signature tune: 

Valuable moments. Driving back from colchester poly after a gig in Alfs van, can't divulge anymore details. Playing 1st gig in front of 10 year old brownies, Josh's lyrics include peachy little titties and the like (i'm gonna get an email from the police). Monkey Magic at Ancient Druids. Dills dancing. Playing in the Cambridge Arms. Everything and anything at Abbey Road.

Hopefully coming soon our studio demo, if I can ever track down a recording.

Plains Of ID. 1993-4

Vocals: Andy Smith.
Guitar: Richard Leiser
Bass: Rob Medcalf
Drums: Matt Goodall

My final year university band, must have been 1993. All members were residents of Cripps Hall, Nottingham University in 1991. The second year was more fragmented, but in the final year we all lived in neighbouring houses in Lenton. Andy was the main driving force behind the band and I probably played more guitar in my final year than actual studing. I still have video footage of our gig at *pub*, maybe this will be mpeged at some point. Special reminders would be the university practice room (ffs, would be condemed nowadays, tramps wouldn't even wanna sleep inside). Front lounge of our house, Rock City, Anna Cheetham, Ed Babbington, James & Martin Hugi. Can't believe how stirred up I'm getting trying to think back (wipes eyes in very manly way).

This was recorded in a recording studio, songs are:

4 tracks altogher:

mess up. (smith) probably my favourite track, the intro and kick off to the chorus has real energy.

easy target.(smith) 1st song written, opening chord D Minor, according to  Andy our first single release... 

sparrow park.(medcalf) Robs melancoly grunge about a park in sunny Leeds. Wonder if he still has an eyebrow ring and fakes orgasms with girls hes too pissed to finish off. Great name for a band though Rob.

mind over splatter. (leiser / cheetham) Silly But.. revisited. Anna was famed for 'put your willy in my hole' fame in which I actaully sang on a track (Bad move). Sorry, I can't really remember much more :(

Silly But... 1991-93

Vocals: Anna Cheetham.
Guitar: Richard Leiser
Bass: *turk*
Drums: Matt Goodall

Purple monster party anyone?

Started in 1991, I made friends with Matt and we both went to the practice room to jam, the rest just followed. I have missed out Clive Norton, rock god hero who lucked out on charisma and much prefered playing lead solo to himself in his room.

The recording is very, very bad and is actually our first ever gig after just 3 hours of practice with the first ever, 1 off nancy boy singer Rafe, or Ralf or whatever his name was. I have some photos of this gig, tie-dye sweaty long hair dudes playing riffs at 200bpm, the adrenaline is still in my body. We were opening for The Wanted, Andy Smiths band in Cripps Hall bar.

**Hopefully** I will find our 8 track demo we did with Anna singing. Recorded in Surrey where I show my arse off on video while I get licked on the face by Matts' shit for breath dogs. 

Really struggling to remember details but: Martin & James' pad, headlining Universitys' band day thing. Anna and the put your willy in my hole lyrics. Clive Nortons (clive'll fix it) poster campaign.