Tiaras, headbands & bouquets made from vintage jewellery
Tiara Collection
Item #11
Item #11.
Tall elegant branches of beautiful vintage aurora borealis crystals which catch and reflect light from every direction. Particularly sparkly single-strand tiara enhanced by silver ribbon
Item #18
Item #18.
Simple classic vintage beaded tiara. High-set pearl flower beadwork. Aurora borealis crystal stems and band detail create beautiful sparkly highlights
Item #43
Item #43.
Stunning sparkly tiara with strands of vintage aurora borealis crystals with additional individual beading detail on the band
Item #47
Item #47.
Double stranded gold tiara incorporating four stunning blue stone brooches enhanced by blue crystal beading and pearls
Item #100
Item #100.
A beautifully simple tiara decorated with clusters of vintage pearls